Digital marketing

Digital Asset Management – The Future of Online Storage

What is Digital Asset Management? For years now Digital Asset Management (DAM) has been on the rise. With complex processes such as photography, videography, and writing–the bread and butter of digital marketing content–continuously diversifying to accommodate specificity, functionality, and quality, in such insular fashions, the need to streamline data into a single, accessible operation has […]

Email Marketing – Why it’s not Dead in 2019 and 2020

Email Marketing – Why it’s Not Dead in 2019 and 2020 You’ve probably opened your email enough times in your life to know that the majority of what hits your inbox is some kind of spam, phishing, or retail information. The other fraction is anticipated communication. So it’s worth asking, how is email marketing still […]

Google, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube advertising for Beginners

People use the internet now more than ever before. That is, people purchase, peruse, and ply their virtual footprint through the web at an unthinkable pace. It is no surprise, then, that digital advertising has emerged as a veritable superpower in our time. And when held up to traditional methods of advertising, digital triumphs. In […]

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