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Google Ads turns 20: The most important trends and changes of the past 5 years

Google ads is now 20 years old. At its 15 year milestone, we chronicled AdWords’ evolution into a $60 billion business. We were still talking about Yahoo as a player in search, enhanced campaigns ushered in mobile as a marketing must-do just two years prior and ads-only Google Shopping was three years old. Fast-forward five […]

Marsbot is Foursquare for AirPods

Foursquare began life as a gamified social “check-in” app, which offered helpful tips for others as they competed to become “the mayor” of local venues. It evolved into a local search purveyor but after adoption plateaued and investors grew restless, the company pivoted to location intelligence. And although the Foursquare app continues to exist it’s […]

With an eye toward deal-seekers, Google releases promotions, pricing updates for both advertisers and users this holiday season

Along with updates for merchants’ holiday Shopping campaign efforts, on Thursday, Google announced consumer-facing updates in Shopping that retail marketers should pay attention to — particularly as it relates to the importance of pricing and promotions. Retail advertisers will also have access to more reporting and performance insights for Shopping campaigns and new customer targeting […]

Google moves one step closer to ads that can deliver personalization and privacy

Following the lead of Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox, this January Google announced the end of support for third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022. Simultaneously, the company promoted its “Privacy Sandbox” initiative as an industry collaboration to develop new privacy friendly methods of audience targeting that don’t rely on unique IDs or individual cross-site tracking and offer […]

Google, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube advertising for Beginners

People use the internet now more than ever before. That is, people purchase, peruse, and ply their virtual footprint through the web at an unthinkable pace. It is no surprise, then, that digital advertising has emerged as a veritable superpower in our time. And when held up to traditional methods of advertising, digital triumphs. In […]

Business Success in the Age of Disruption

As a business owner, it may be daunting to risk money on paid advertising on the internet. The truth is, however, that you are shooting yourself in the foot by ignoring the importance of online advertising. How to Increase Social Media & Website Traffic Today it is all about personalization. Think about our personally catered […]

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