Fitness Blender- A Workout Program Loved by Millions

an image of the creators of fitness blender- Daniel and Kelli Segars.
Creators of Fitness Blender- Daniel & Kelli Segars | photo from 

What is Fitness Blender?

Have you started working out during the pandemic? If yes, chances are you’ve come across Fitness Blender during your countless searches of “online workouts to lose quarantine weight.” For those who have no desire of working out, but instead spend their time on Netflix (like the rest of us), you probably have no idea about Fitness Blender.

Not to worry though- you’ve come to the right place!

As the name suggests- Fitness Blender is an online fitness company created by couple Daniel and Kelli Segars. They offer tons of online workout programs and videos on YouTube. Based in Seattle, both are in the fitness industry with degrees in food and nutrition, psychology and sociology.

The couple started their YouTube channel after they lost their jobs in 2008. Their goal was to provide accessible workouts to everyone, regardless of income or access to the gym. Their efforts have definitely paid off. As of today, they have 6 million subscribers and over 1 billion views on YouTube.       

Viewers who complete the workouts appreciate the simplicity & effectiveness of the workouts. There is hardly any equipment involved, no music or distractions. Daniel or Kelli complete the exercises against a white background, with a timer and calorie tracker displayed on the screen.

 “I love the ease of working out at home & you two are the most down to earth, non-intimidating fitness instructors out there,” Erin G says.

examples of some workouts offered on
Some examples of the workouts offered on 

Workout Programs 

The couple offer tons of free workout videos on YouTube. However, they do have workout programs available for purchase on their website. Don’t worry, these prices are actually affordable with programs ranging from $7.99 to $19.99. There is something for everyone. Whether you’re a complete beginner, looking to incorporate some exercise in your day- or looking to build muscle and burn fat.

The “FB Bored Easily – Workout Program for People Who Get Bored Easily” is a 4-week program for people who find it hard to focus and be motivated while working out. (I might purchase this one). Daniel and Kelli achieve this goal by incorporating different exercises such as HIIT, circuit training, cardio, and plyometrics, without any repetition to keep things interesting.

If you’re someone with a busy schedule and have trouble incorporating workouts, the 8 week “Fat Loss Program for Busy People” might be a good fit. This program consists of 30-minute workouts- completed 5 days a week. The actual workouts are described as challenging, but low-impact modifications are available for the first two weeks.

Needless to say, Daniel and Kellie encourage people to work out on their own pace and comfort. If you’re hesitant to commit to a 4- or 8-week program, FB offers 2-week trial workout programs as a more beginner-friendly option.  

“The program is very fun and very doable. Just in 4 weeks I can see small changes in my body and I already feel stronger and more flexible, which is amazing and a GREAT motivator,” anonymous comments on the website.

The reviews of countless happy customers have been evident by hundreds of users sharing their before and after photos.

What else does Fitness Blender offer?

Meal Plans 

The workout programs available include a general guide on eating habits while working out. However, Fitness Blender offers detailed 4- week meal plans to purchase for those who need more structured plans. Each plan includes 3 daily meals and snacks, a weekly grocery list and customizable options depending on your goals. (I.e. weight loss/weight gain). By the way, vegetarian and vegan meal plan options are available as well! 

Fitness Blender Plus

For those interested- the FB plus membership requires users to pay a fee for some additional features. Some of these exclusive features include; custom workout options- which allows users to schedule and/or keep track of all workouts they’ve completed. Some other tools include a “surprise me” workout tool, exclusive workouts, statistics on activities, trackers to see progress, etc. Don’t get me wrong- the Fitness Blender plus plan seems great, but it is just an option. The free workout videos are proven to be enough for many users.

If you’re looking to start your workout journey for the remainder of quarantine, then definitely look into starting your journey with Fitness Blender. Their rise to fame is very much deserving. A passionate couple who provide free and accessible workout videos for people with different experience levels, goals, and lifestyles. You’re bound to find something that suits your needs.


Fitness Blender- A Workout Program Loved by Millions

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